Thursday, March 4, 2010

1938 Quarter Finals...

In the entire state of Texas, you couldn't have a bigger disparity as you might have found between the Highland Park High School Scots, from the toniest part of Dallas, one of the snazziest, most exclusive neighbhorhoods (still is, today), and the Mighty Mites who came not from a defined neighborhood but from their own place behind walls where they lived a life much different from typical school boys of the '30s.

The 1938 quarter final game was not just a regular game of football. It was a game of boys who were taught they could go up against anyone versus a group of boys who had every advantage in thier hip pocket. The Highland Park boys of privilege had fans in the stands that taunted the scrawny father-less boys, shouting "orphans, orphans" to unsettle the Mites.

Thanks to Debra Stephens for the program.



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