Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crazy, Stinky, Skinny Well-Fed:Nicknames

When new kids came into The Home, they were given a "Big Kid" for a buddy. Often these led to life-long bonds stronger than those of siblings. New kids also gained nicknames and many nicknames stuck for life.

Some of those nicknames include: Buster, Wheatie (ate nine bowls of Wheaties cereal in a challenge), Wink, Snoggs, Fat Lord, Brownie (big brown eyes), Little Dick (because there was already a Big Dick), Sleepy, Hootie, Killer Underwood, Shorty, Crazy, Stinky, Moe, Monkey, and many others. Skinny Well-Fed gained his nickname when he wrote his mother a postcard telling her that he came to The Home "skinny and now I'm well-fed". Someone read the postcard and from then on he was Skinny Well-Fed.

They called each other "Home Kids" while outsiders called them orphans. They called each other family. Forever.




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